Backup Whole System With Rsync

login as root
mount your backup drive on /mnt/backup/
Warning!!!: ALL old content on your backup drive will be deleted!

create file /root/exclude.rules

My exclude.rules :

#Don`t forget to add your backup mount point as exclude rule to avoid infinite loop
- /mnt/backup/*
#Exclude non-local files
- /media/* 
- /mnt/*
- /net/*
- /home/*/.gvfs
#Exclude virtual file systems
- /proc/*
- /sys/*
#Exclude temporary files
- /tmp/*
- /var/lock/*
- /var/run/*
- /var/tmp/*
# useless for me - udev create nodes as needed
- /dev/*


rsync -avAHSXWP --delete-excluded --filter='merge /root/exclude.rules'  /  /mnt/backup/
umount  /mnt/backup


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